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The Australian Journal of Labour Economics (AJLE) is a forum for the analysis of labour economics and labour relations. It is particularly focused on theoretical and policy developments in respect of Australian labour markets. Interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged.

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Current Issue

Vol. 26 No. 2 (2023): The Australian Journal of Labour Economics

Published: 25/07/2023

Welcome to the second issue of the Australian Journal of Labour Economics for 2023. In this issue we have, as usual, a range of articles that will be of interest to our readers covering a range of labour market issues.

Message from Managing Editor

From the Managing Editor

Phil Lewis
Abstract 25 | PDF Downloads 13

Page ii-iv


The value of policy relevant research in education, training, jobs and skills

Peter Dawkins
Abstract 107 | PDF Downloads 34

Page 114-131

Characteristics of malebreadwinner, female-breadwinner and equal-earner households in Australia: The role of couple-level human capital

Ruth Steinbring, Francisco Perales, Janeen Baxter, Jack Lam
Abstract 201 | PDF Downloads 71

Page 132-162

The contented Australian female worker: Paradox lost, paradox found

Alfred Michael Dockery
Abstract 140 | PDF Downloads 45

Page 163-201

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