Published: 25/07/2023

Welcome to the first issue of the Australian Journal of Labour Economics (AJLE) for 2022. In this issue we have a range of articles which will be of interest to our readers covering a range of labour market issues and using a variety of approaches to research.

Message from Managing Editor

From the Managing Editor

Phil Lewis
Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 23

Page iii-iv


Back to the future

Simone Casey
Abstract 58 | PDF Downloads 27

Page 1-20

Agglomeration economies and the urban wage premium in Australia

Jordy Meekes
Abstract 100 | PDF Downloads 68

Page 25-54

Course non-completion and multiple qualifications

Austen Peters, Alfred Michael Dockery, Sherry Bawa
Abstract 116 | PDF Downloads 70

Page 55-80

Immigration, skills and changing urban income inequality in New Zealand

Omoniyi B. Alimi, David C. Mare, Jacques Poot
Abstract 94 | PDF Downloads 97

Page 81-110