Published: 25/07/2023

Welcome to the final issue of volume 18 of the Australian Journal of Labour Economics for 2015. This issue contains articles on several different aspects of labour market analysis, of interest to researchers and practitioners.


Is Being Single Better?

Sanae Tashiro
Abstract 4 | PDF Downloads 9

Page 239-254

Outcomes for Teenage Mothers in the First Years after Birth

Guyonne Kalb, Trinh Le, Felix Leung
Abstract 5 | PDF Downloads 9

Page 255-279

The Premium for Part-time Work in Australia

Iris Day, Joan Rodgers
Abstract 5 | PDF Downloads 6

Page 281-305

School-to-Work Transitions During Volatile Economic Times

Jenny Chesters, Bernard Baffour
Abstract 4 | PDF Downloads 7

Page 307-327

How Much Do Tradespersons Really Earn?

Tom Karmel, Ben Braysher
Abstract 7 | PDF Downloads 7

Page 329-344

Exploratory Research into Government Regulation’s Impact on Business-level Employment Growth

Leon Colombo, Bruce Cunningham, Ulises Garcia
Abstract 6 | PDF Downloads 11

Page 375-390