Published: 25/07/2023

Welcome to the second issue of volume 18 of the Australian Journal of Labour Economics for 2015. This special issue contains articles focussing on temporary employment, of interest to researchers and practitioners.

Message from Managing Editor

Introduction to the Special Issue

Gail Pacheco, Tim Maloney
Abstract 8 | PDF Downloads 5

Page 145-146


Don’t Worry, be Flexible?

Elke Jahn
Abstract 27 | PDF Downloads 73

Page 147-168

Temporary Versus Permanent Employment

Don J. Webber, Gail Pacheco, Dominic Page
Abstract 21 | PDF Downloads 14

Page 169-186

The Effect of Job Insecurity on Labour Supply

H. Xavier Jara
Abstract 12 | PDF Downloads 8

Page 187-204

Isolating the Determinants of Temporary Agency Worker Use by Firms

Genevieve Knight, Zhang Wei
Abstract 10 | PDF Downloads 15

Page 205-237