Published: 25/07/2023

Welcome to the first issue of volume 18 of the Australian Journal of Labour Economics for 2015. This Special Paul Miller Tibute issue contains articles selected from the conference in memory of Paul Miller, held over 11 and 12 November 2014. They include, fittingly, papers co-authored with Paul himself, papers by old colleagues and by relative newcomers to the profession. However, they have in common two of the themes for which Paul was best known, namely, the economics of education and of migration.

Message from Managing Editor

From the Managing Editor

Phil Lewis
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Conference in Memory of Paul Miller

Barry R. Chiswick
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Negative and Positive Assimilation by Prices and by Quantities

Barry R. Chiswick, Paul W. Miller
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Page 5-28

Skills Deepening or Credentialism?

Tom Karmel
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Page 29-51

Externalities and the Social Return to Education in Indonesia

Losina Purnastuti, Ruhul Salim
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Page 53-74

Does School Socio-economic Status Influence University Outcomes?

Ian W. Li, A. Michael Dockery
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Page 75-94

Occupational Attainment and Earnings among Immigrant Groups

Sholeh A. Maani, Mengyu Dai, Kerr Inkson
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Page 95-112

The Determinants of Academic Achievement Among Primary School Students

Jenny Chesters, Anne Daly
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Page 131-144