Published: 25/07/2023

This is a Special Issue with seven papers covering aspects of labour market discrimination.

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Utilising Self-report Data to Measure Racial Discrimination in the Labour Market

Amanuel E. Habtegiorgis, Yin Paradies
Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 50

Page 5-41

Perceived Job Discrimination in Australia: Its Correlates and Consequences

Roger Wilkins, Markus Hahn
Abstract 51 | PDF Downloads 60

Page 43-64

Discrimination Against Breastfeeding Mothers in Childcare

Julie P. Smith, Sara Javanparast, Ellen McIntyre, Lyn Craig, Kate Mortensen, Colleen Koh
Abstract 50 | PDF Downloads 51

Page 65-90

Labour Market and Other Discrimination Facing Indigenous Australians

Nicholas Biddle, Monica Howlett, Boyd Hunter, Yin Paradies
Abstract 173 | PDF Downloads 307

Page 91-113

Perception of Workplace Discrimination Among Immigrants and Native Born New Zealanders

Bridget Daldy, Jacques Poot, Matthew Roskruge
Abstract 29 | PDF Downloads 136

Page 137-154

Distribution of French Gender Wage Gap

Robert Breunig, Sandrine Rospabe
Abstract 23 | PDF Downloads 22

Page 155-199