Published: 25/07/2023

This first issue of the AJLE for 2014 features a profile of one of Australia's leading labour economist, Alison Booth and includes an orbituary for AJLE board member Paul Miller who died in Perth on 27 November 2013.


Obituary: Paul W Miller (1955-2013)

Barry R. Chiswick
Abstract 42 | PDF Downloads 17

Page 3-4

Conversations with Eminent Labour Economists: Alison Booth

Boyd Hunter
Abstract 22 | PDF Downloads 5

Page 5-14

Lower-level Qualifications as a Stepping Stone for Young People

Damian Oliver
Abstract 7 | PDF Downloads 5

Page 15-33

Parental Divorce and Other Determinants of Interpersonal Trust:

Tarja Viitanen
Abstract 21 | PDF Downloads 37

Page 35-53

Sticky Wages, Labour Demand Elasticity and Rational Unemployment

Siyan Chen, Saul Desiderio
Abstract 14 | PDF Downloads 17

Page 55-65