Published: 25/07/2023

Welcome to the first issue of the Australian Journal of Labour Economics for 2020. As always, this issue of AJLE contains articles of interest to scholars and practitioners on a variety of topics but all have important implications for policy. 

Message from Managing Editor

From the Managing Editor

Phil Lewis
Abstract 53 | PDF Downloads 16

Page i-ii


The impact of varying penalty values on compliance with unemployment payment requirements

Andrew Wright, Brian Dollery
Abstract 56 | PDF Downloads 45

Page 1-20

The labour market outcomes of Australian Creative Arts degree holders

Phil Lewis, Jee Young Lee
Abstract 97 | PDF Downloads 47

Page 21-42

Leaning in: Is higher confidence the key to women's career advancement?

Leonora Risse
Abstract 151 | PDF Downloads 376

Page 43-78

Do financial constraints affect the composition of workers of a firm?

Robert Breunig, Diana `Hourani, Sasan Bakhtiari, Elisabetta Magnani
Abstract 44 | PDF Downloads 43

Page 79-97